dinsdag 26 maart 2013

Live your dream

Hallo dames,

Deze pagina is geïnspireerd op een op een filmpje van Vickypgr. Haar pagina, en dan vooral de achtergrond vond ik zo leuk , ik moest er gewoon iets mee doen. Ik kwam tot het volgende resultaat.

Hi lady's,

This page was inspired by a video of Vickypgr. I really loved her page, especially the background , I just had to do something with it. So this is what i made.


7 opmerkingen:

  1. Hello I am so pleased to meet you and thank you for following/subscribing. It's always great to make new friends :)

    I love the car! the whole page is just great I watched the video. I really like how you have made this your own Dxx

  2. Wow, your journal pages are gorgeous. I love every detail on it, Sara

  3. I love your page!!! So happy you were inspired by my video to create this beauty!!! Thanks for linking to my channel and for watching! Hugs, Vicky

  4. Wat een mooie pagina weer! Ik ga de achtergrond techniek ook proberen.

  5. Wow deze is gaaf zeg, heel erg mooi!

  6. Fabulous page, I love the car and the balloon and the text (and the rest too, of course). Thanks for the link to the video.